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BUTTER is the new celery—spread it on bread to help control your weight, according to university research.

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with Mom's Meat Loaf. Her recipe turns humble ground beef into a high-fiber, low-calorie banquet.

Look younger without surgery! How sweet potato fries stimulate skin cells to hide wrinkles.

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Most nutrition advice is written for women, so guys never get the good news about the foods men love most. In the Men's Health Big Book of Food and Nutrition, you get the other side of nutrition — the delicious side! With straight answers from the #1 men's magazine in the world, you can end the confusion and win any food argument.
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Why a fast food burger may be okay after all.

  Why a thick, juicy steak may be better for you than salmon.

  What you REALLY ate last night. How food labels lie.

  Why late-night splurges are not as bad as they say.

  Dumb food rules you can stop obeying.

  The only 3 numbers you need to read on nutrition labels.

Build strength... with beer. Yes, beer!
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